Your mouth is the mirror to your body.  

At New Directions Dentistry Qld we care about you and your family's total health. Through this caring point of view, we offer services that some dentists may not offer. We do this to give you healthy options along with main stream options. All options will be discussed with you at the time of your appointment.


At NDDQ, we strictly follow the protocol defined by the IAOMT (International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) for safely removing mercury fillings.

Our protocol consists of the following safety procedures;

  • Wide safety goggles over the eyes to protect during mercury removal from mercury vapor & mercury particulate
  • Disposable hair cap and protective wrap over patient's clothes
  • Patient oxygen provides clean air
  • Mercury vapor extractor to eliminate mercury vapor during mercury filling removals
  • Ionizer and air purifiers
  • Rubber dam and/or "Clean-Up" apparatus fits over tooth attached to suction machine line during mercury filling removal, to reduce mercury vapor levels
  • Use of large amounts of ozonated water and high volume suction on tooth during mercury filling removal
  • Amalgam waste collector which prevents 99% of mercury going out into the waste water.

Non-Invasive Gum Treatment

Oxygen/Ozone Therapy in dentistry offers a non-surgical intervention for the treatment of osteonecrosis, infection, and inflammation of the head, neck and associated structures. Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidant and when exposed to biologic systems induce multiple biologic reactions. These biologic reactions result in a positive therapeutic response and outcome. Oxygen/Ozone is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic. With proper application these pathogenic life forms can be controlled and eliminated with no toxicity or side-effects.

TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment

To properly diagnose we do a comprehensive history and clinical examination. Next, we choose a diagnostic study best suited to the individual need of the patient. Treatment is also individualized to each patient and may include non-surgical splint therapy.

Payment Plan

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