Broken & Chipped Tooth Treatment Brisbane

Necessary Steps To Be Taken Before Visiting Us

Sports injuries, accidents or biting on hard foods can cause your teeth to chip or fracture. If you experience a sinking feeling on hearing the ‘crack’ of your tooth breaking, visit your local Dentist in Teneriffe Brisbane at New Directions Dentistry as soon as possible.

We use our wealth of experience and expertise in advanced dental treatment that help repair or restore your broken teeth.

It is necessary to visit us as soon as possible after noticing that you have a chipped, broken, or fractured tooth. Early professional attention helps in avoiding further damage or the development of infection in your tooth.

If you have a broken tooth with a sharp edge, you can cover it with sugar-free chewing gum. It will help in guarding against damage to your tongue or cheeks. Avoid eating and chewing around your broken tooth.

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    What We Can Do To Fix Your Broken Tooth

    We recommend different types of treatments, depending on the severity of the damage. Some of them are:


    Filling And Bonding

    We will examine your broken teeth, and if there is chipping of a small piece of enamel, then we can repair the damage with either a simple filling or sometimes even just smoothing and polishing the rough edge. More extensive fractures require larger restorations and sometimes full crowns to restore the tooth.

    At New Directions Dentistry we use a purely ceramic-based filling material due to its excellent biocompatibility. Our filling material, manufactured in Germany is tooth-colored and very resiliant. This material does not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) as do most of the standard composite resin filling materials.

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    Dental Crown

    If your tooth is severely broken or damaged, we may recommend a dental crown to restore its natural appearance. We will remove the damaged part of your tooth and install a tooth-shaped cap called a crown. Our crowns are made from ceramic-based materials with the shade carefully selected to closely match your existing teeth.

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    Root Canal

    Depending on the severity of the damage caused to your tooth, you may need to consider having root canal treatment to save your tooth. If you decide that root canal treatment is the option for you, we will refer you to a dental specialist (endodontist) for this treatment procedure. Teeth often need a full crown restoration soon after root canal treatment is completed.

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    Dental Implant

    If your tooth is so severely damaged that it can not be restored, we recommend removal (extraction) of the tooth to avoid further complications like infection and decay. Once extracted, you may choose to consider replacement of the missing tooth with a dental implant.

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    Broken Teeth

    Worn Teeth

    Worn Teeth 1

    Worn teeth are built up and repaired with sculpted tooth coloured bio-compatible bonded ceramic.

    Toothbrush Abrasion

    Toothbrush Abrasion

    Repair work after the effects of toothbrush abrasion.

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