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What is mercury safe, mercury free, biocompatible dentistry?

New Directions Dentistry strongly emphasises mercury safe, mercury free, restorative dentistry using biocompatible materials, therefore does not support the use of amalgam 'mercury' fillings. Our preference is for the use of newer, safer and more biologically friendly materials.

How does New Directions Dentistry differ from other dental practices?

New Directions Dentistry takes a holistic approach to general dentistry and will recommend natural therapies where possible. We also focus on nutrition which is a major influence on dental health.

Our passion is for optimal health with an emphasis on minimally invasive dentistry.

Services Provided:

Safe Amalgam Removal
Metal-Free Restoration
Biocompatible Materials
Cosmetic Dentistry / Whitening
Gum Health - Natural Therapies / Ozone
Family Dentistry
Crowns / Bridges / Extractions
Same Day Crowns

Modern technology - old fashion service

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Posted on 02 Sep 2015

We're excited to bring to you our brand new website!

This website is a work in progress, we will continue to introduce new nature dental products and update our services. We encourage you to return periodically and keep up to date.

The NDDQ team.