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At New Directions Dentistry, Our dentist Teneriffe provides holistic, caring, and affordable dentistry for you and your family.

Our skillful Teneriffe dental team has the right credentials and expertise to give you comfortable and relaxed dental care services in a highly advanced and friendly ambiance. We focus on providing optimal dental care solutions with a high emphasis on invasive dentistry.

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    Trust our Dentist Teneriffe for a Smile Makeover

    At New Directions Dentistry, our dentist Dr Leigh Woodbridge is committed to providing high-standard, safe, and bio-friendly dentistry, helping children, teenagers, and adults to achieve a healthy smile. Some of the specialties that make us stand out from the crowd are:

    Dentist Teneriffe

    Holistic Approach To General Dentistry

    Our precise treatment procedures involve a gentle and caring patient-centric approach. It ensures that you are being taken care of by the most capable and experienced hands.

    We make a significant difference in your oral health by taking a holistic approach to general dentistry. Our focus is to recommend natural therapies whenever possible, with a general emphasis on healthy nutrition that plays a vital role in promoting dental health.

    Mercury Free, Biocompatible Dentistry

    At New Directions Dentistry, our experienced dentist in Teneriffe provides mercury-safe, mercury-free restorative dentistry with an emphasis on the use of biocompatible material. We use natural, bio-friendly material in place of amalgam mercury filling to provide you with a safer and healthier tooth-filling option.

    Mercury Free
    Latest Technology And Equipment

    Latest Technology And Equipment

    At New Directions Dentistry in Teneriffe, our caring team of dentists and professionals is dedicated to your oral health. We prioritize every detail of your needs, utilizing the latest technology and equipment to ensure a painless, fast, and comfortable dental treatment experience.

    We invest in the most advanced equipment and combine it with our expertise to provide the most accurate diagnosis of your oral health. It helps us in providing the best dental treatment with an outstanding result that exceeds your expectations.

    Our main aim is to keep your requirements paramount while you are undergoing any of the treatment procedures in the dentist chair. Trust us for your dental care journey. Schedule an appointment with our Dentist in Teneriffe today!

    Dental Veneers Procedure

    New Directions Dentistry QLD is a well-known dental centre where our Teneriffe dental team restores your flawless smile! Get our dental veneers on the same day to fend off teeth sensitivity and dental aches from chipped or broken teeth.

    We offer two types of dental veneers to help you avoid tooth decay and tooth extraction treatments

    • Porcelain Veneers
    • Composite Veneers

    Both veneers are customizable to match the shape of your original teeth. These veneers are known to offer better durability because we only use high-grade materials, and you can get them on the same day!

    Mercury Free
    Latest Technology And Equipment

    Preventive Dentistry Teneriffe

    Maintaining good dental care does not stop at following correct brushing practices. Hence, we also offer preventive dentistry services, including professional teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, and much more. Our services are provided to everyone, young and adult, to help them avoid invasive dental problems in the future.

    Get in touch with the best Dentist Teneriffe to learn more about our affordable family dentist treatments to protect your family’s oral hygiene.

    Dental Bridge Treatment Teneriffe

    Replacing a missing tooth does not always require getting Dental Implants. Instead, you can get our dental bridge that replaces your missing tooth so you can have a complete bite again. Our qualified and local family dentist Teneriffe members can provide flawless and indiscernible dental bridges that can last you for several years.

    The Dental Bridge we provide at New Directions Dentistry QLD will be custom-made to match your original teeth and jaw structure. Obtain porcelain dental bridge treatment from us on the same day or within three or fewer visits in healthy cases.

    Mercury Free
    Latest Technology And Equipment

    Gum Treatment

    Obtaining periodontal care offers advantages beyond helping your gum become hygienic and healthy. The gum treatments we provide at New Directions Dentistry QLD are performed per national safety guidelines and health precautions.

    We will never attempt any invasive dental procedure without first obtaining your approval. You can also approach our emergency dentist team to seek immediate dental care for gingivitis, gum therapy, etc.

    Our Dental Services in Teneriffe

    We offer same-day dental crowns to our qualifying patients. Whether you want to restore your cracked or broken teeth or large existing fillings, you can get our crown insertion service in 2 appointments within one day. Your initial appointment will be approximately 2 hours. It involves a discussion about the suitability of treatment plan and procedures, and digital scanning of your teeth to custom design your dental crown.

    A one-hour appointment follows it in the later part of the same day. It involves the insertion of the customized crown in your mouth for restorative function.


    General Dentistry

    At New Directions Dentistry, we believe that your mouth is the reflection of your dental health and overall health. Hence, we provide a complete range of precise dental care solutions for you and your family.

    Our general dentistry includes many healthy options along with mainstream options. To ensure the safe removal of mercury fillings, we strictly follow the protocol based on the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).

    At New Directions Dentistry our team of dentists Teneriffe and dental hygienists provide personalized and compassionate care. We are dedicated to ensuring that each patient has a positive and tailored experience.

    Ozone In Dentistry

    We apply atraumatic and biologically based treatment called oxygen or ozone therapy to deal with your dental infection. It is applied in different forms, including ozonated water and oxygen or ozone gas to effectively remove microorganisms from your oral cavity, dentures, and dental unit water lines.

    Biocompatible in nature, it provides one of the safest infection control solutions without any side effects on pharmaceutical drugs.

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    Cosmetic Dentistry Teneriffe

    We remain up to date with the latest development in cosmetic dentistry to provide with a brighter and healthier smile. Our wide range of services include:

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    Same Day Crown Insertion Teneriffe

    We offer same-day dental crowns to our qualifying patients. Whether you want to restore your cracked or broken teeth or large existing fillings, you can get our crown insertion service in 2 appointments within one day.

    Your initial appointment will be approximately 2 hours. It involves a discussion about the suitability of treatment plan and procedure, and digital scanning of your teeth to custom design your dental crown.

    A one-hour appointment follows it in the later part of the same day. It involves the insertion of the customised crown in your mouth for restorative function.

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    Looking for a trusted Dentist in Teneriffe? Book a consultation today with Dr Leigh Woodbridge, a leading figure in dental care. Our state-of-the-art clinic is nestled in the heart of Teneriffe at Suite 7, 29 Florence Street, offering comprehensive dental services to cater to your unique needs. We’re just a call away at (07) 3339 7988 or you can reach us via email at [email protected]. Experience superior dental care with Dr Leigh Woodbridge and her team at New Directions Dentistry. Your smile is our priority.

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    We Create Happy Smiles

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    iFlex™ Removable Dentures

    We utilise iFlex™ technology to make your dentures look more natural and comfortable than ever. It provides a lightweight and a metal-free option for your partial dentures. It is virtually invisible and highly aesthetic, and nobody will be able to make out that you are missing your natural tooth.

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    How long does mercury toxicity last after amalgam removal?

    It is widely speculated that getting an amalgam removal procedure has side effects related to mercury being infused in blood, plasma, and urine. In some cases, it is witnessed that Hg levels in adults dropped by 60% after six days of amalgam removal.

    How long do dental crowns last?

    The lifespan of a dental crown is well over five years, but many patients have retained them for over a decade. It is possible by prioritising good oral hygiene and dental care practices. Please get in touch with our affordable family dentist at New Directions Dentistry QLD to learn more.

    Are dental veneers worth it?

    Dental veneers offer multiple benefits to patients who obtain them from any dentist in Teneriffe. For starters, dental veneers can protect your teeth from decay and teeth sensitivity problems. The applied porcelain dental veneers can also give you a flawless white smile.

    What is a general dentist responsible for?

    A general dentist can offer multiple types of dentistry treatments and procedures apart from dental consultations. Besides recommending you to a physician if required, a general dentist can also offer teeth cleaning, gingivitis treatment, dental veneers, tooth extraction, root canal treatment, etc.

    Do you provide emergency treatment for patients from Teneriffe?

    At New Directions Dentistry QLD, we have a team of emergency dentist staff that is ready to alleviate your dental problems. We will foremost neutralise the excruciating pain followed by treating the dental condition that may pose a risk to your healthy well-being.

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