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TRIOLOGY™ Debriding Rinse

Mouth infections, including periodontal disease, as well as inflammation and pain are caused by bacteria, fungi, debris and other irritations.

TRIOLOGY™ rinse is a natural biologic solution tha integrates with the saliva in your mouth and goes beneath the gum line to reach, kill and cleanse away irritants. When treated with TRIOLOGY™ rinse you’ll heal much faster and feel much less pain and discomfort.

All-natural TRIOLOGY™ is powered by Tritiserum™, a bioactive formula of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antimivrobial agents, plus the microfoaming cleanseing action of carbamide peroxide, a natural antiseptic and debriding agent.

TRIOLOGY™ contains no artificial chemicals and no drugs. It contains natural, biologic ingredients that, when combined in a patent-pending formula, provide unmatched cleansing in a naturally safe way.

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