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Welcome to New Directions Dentistry, a Family dentist in Teneriffe, Brisbane where we practice general dentistry with a Holistic or Integrative approach.

Conveniently situated in central Brisbane, our skillful team aims to provide you with a comfortable and relaxed dental experience in a friendly and calming environment.

Using the latest technology we focus on providing optimal dental care solutions with a high emphasis on minimally invasive dentistry.

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Services Provided By Dentist Brisbane

Our practice provides general family dentistry for all ages in Teneriffe, Brisbane area. We particularly like to ensure that your dental experience and that of our youngest and smallest patients is a pleasant and positive one.

Our services include oral hygiene advice and prevention management, routine fillings, periodontal/gum treatment and maintenance, safe amalgam removal, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, dental crowns, bridges, dental veneers, tooth extractions, partial dentures.

We provide our services with your wishes and requirements a priority with an emphasis on minimal intervention where possible.

While we pay close attention to your dental needs, we do not compromise your overall health as we believe both these are interconnected.

Click below to learn more about our services and approach to handling your dental care requirements.

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Why Choose New Directions Dentistry?

New Directions Dentistry Brisbane is dedicated to providing quality dental care services to all its patients at affordable rates. Our focus is to give you the best possible dental treatments with minimally invasive procedures. We take a holistic approach to offer reliable and customizable dental care that meets your needs, expectations, budget and biology.

Our friendly dentists in Teneriffe are experienced in delivering reliable solutions that benefit your oral health and hygiene habits. Therefore, our team of skilled cosmetic dentists, paediatrics, orthodontists, and others will collaborate to provide you with a comfortable and relaxed experience.

Get guaranteed pain-free and mercury-free dentist Brisbane procedures at New Directions Dentistry QLD without delays and hassles. We always prioritise your well-being above all else, so we will never proceed with any treatment before receiving your approval.

Here are some additional reasons why we are reputed and trusted by numerous families for restoring their flawless smiles.

Personalized Treatments

We understand that your dental condition may become indescribable, but we are here to help you find relief. Our holistic dentist Brisbane treatments are licensed and designed to provide you with guaranteed satisfaction and a comfortable service experience. We strive to restore your oral dental health to its best possible state, so you can get a prettier smile that you can keep for years!

Advanced Technology

Providing our dental services sees us utilise modern equipment that ultimately helps you have a near-painless diagnosis and dental procedures. We only use high-grade materials for making our dental products, as we create them with our qualified in-house team. Thus, you can obtain the latest solution to solve all your dental problems, often with same-day treatments!

Family Dentistry

Our team of family dentist Brisbane professionals will take utmost care of your family’s oral hygiene and wellness. Naturally, it makes us happier to provide you with mercury-free dentist Brisbane solutions that restore your peace without breaking the bank. Our pediatric care treatments are also available under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) program.

Emergency Care

Your dental emergencies aren’t yours alone when we can get rid of them without performing invasive procedures unless required. Our dentist Brisbane team will exhaust every possible solution to save your existing oral appliances. We will adhere to our oath of delivering holistic biological dentist treatments, so you can trust our procedures to last you a lifetime.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Get world-class dental treatments under one roof with your visit to New Directions Dentistry QLD.
Obtain every type of dental treatment with us in one place, from diagnosis to consultation to solution. We also provide dental therapy to patients who experience prolonged suffering after dental implants or other procedures.

Easy Payment Options

Obtaining necessary dental services at the correct time can save you thousands of dollars and hassle in the long run. Hence, our solutions by dentist Brisbane teams are each provided with multiple payment options. Let nothing like cost, time or location ever hold you back from receiving the optimal and dependable dental care you deserve at New Directions Dentistry QLD.

Dr Leigh Woodbridge

BDS Otago NZ

General Dentistry with a Holistic (Biocompatible) Approach applying IAOMT (International Academy Oral Medicine and Toxicology) principles to achieve optimal and environmentally safe results for her patients.

Leigh has regularly attended the IAOMT conferences and webinars to keep up to date with the latest advances in Biocompatible Dental treatments and research.

Dr Leigh Woodbridge
smart dentist

Safe Amalgam Removal Certification

Leigh has her Certification in `How to make your Practice Mercury Safe – Minimising Occupational Exposure to Mercury in Dental Surgery`. This qualifies Leigh to remove mercury amalgam fillings safely, protecting herself, her staff, her patients, and the environment from excessive and unnecessary exposure to mercury at her dental rooms.

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Where are you located?

New Directions Dentistry is located in Suite 7, 29 Florence Street Teneriffe. Where we offer quality dental care using modern technology and minimally invasive procedures. For inquiries and bookings, contact us at (07) 3339 7988 or write to us at [email protected]. You can also walk in at a New Directions Dentistry QLD near you to learn more!

How often should you visit a dental clinic?

A person should typically visit a dental clinic at least twice yearly to diagnose any conditions early. However, the durations between your regular visits can change further based on your oral hygiene habits and individual medical conditions. It is recommended that you should ask your dentist about the frequency of your routine visits after a dental checkup.

What if I am afraid of dental visits?

Most dental visits only involve checking the condition of your teeth, gums, jaw, and oral functions. Even in the scenario when you may have a dental condition, in healthy cases, it won’t require the need for invasive procedures. So, being afraid is okay, but it should never stop you from receiving the necessary optimal dental care.

How much does a dental checkup cost?

New Directions Dentistry QLD is here to help you eliminate your dental aches, including any dental conditions in emergency situations. You can obtain our Emergency Care dentistry services by calling (07) 3339 7988, and we’ll contact you soon.

What dental services do you offer?

At New Directions Dentistry QLD, you can obtain all types of dental services, including Cosmetic Dentistry, Family Dental Care, Holistic Dentistry, General & Paediatric Dentistry, and more! Please contact us at (07) 3339 7988 or write to us at [email protected] to learn more!

What about payment options?

We strive to provide the best possible dental care to all our patients in Brisbane and its suburbs. So, you can trust New Directions Dentistry QLD to provide you with multiple payment options. We accept all major credit cards and cash payments apart from a few other modes of payment.

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